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How We Do It

Earthwise Productions uses a strategic and comprehensive approach to
environmental engagement. We use multiple media vehicles to reinforce the
impact of each individual vehicle. America being an information and media
society, we cut through the maze by clearly identifying stakeholders and the
sources from which they get their curso sql, in order to travel a straight
path to them. Our experience shows that in order to communicate environmental
messages to minority audiences and markets, it must be delivered in a medium
that is compatible with the consumption taste and habits of your target. We
consistently adhere to this unforgiving reality of the minority marketplace.
And we get results.

Research, strategic planning and professionalism are matched by our company's
commitment to sustainability on our environment. The strategic approach of
Earthwise Productions will take your project from the drawing board to
rollout, from rollout to destination.

Environmental Justice

The goal of Environmental Justice Executive Order 12898 is to create a
dynamic engagement between federal and state agencies and stakeholders in
minority populations, to prevent overwhelming, negative impact on these
communities, as a result of environmental projects. Discharging this mandate
is a major challenge for many agencies for which "community involvement" is a
new field.

Earthwise is vested in the issues of special concern to grassroots
communities pursuing environmental justice, such as the Fort Lauderdale
Branch NAACP; the Bass Dillard Neighborhood Issues and Prevention, Inc.; the
Glades Area Environmental Justice Initiative, and Weed and Seed,
Miami/Miami-Dade. Simultaneously, the firm has also worked with the National
Audubon Society; the South Florida Water Management District; the National
Parks Conservation Association, and the National Park Service, and been
awarded their highest honors.

Earthwise Productions has been involved in the development of the
Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) since 1995. The most
ambitious environmental public works project in history, the CERP includes a
legally mandated environmental justice responsibility, and will be a model
for the world.

Earthwise Productions' nationally recognized expertise in environment and
social justice, developed through immersion in CERP and the diverse affected
stakeholders of South Florida, positions the firm as uniquely qualified to
assist federal and local sponsors carry out their EJ responsibility.
Earthwise Productions is a sole- source for this service. Nowhere else in the
country can this level of qualification, experience and first-hand knowledge
be found.

Increasing Diversity in Public Lands Use, Opportunities

Earthwise Productions, Inc., has won national recognition for ground-breaking
work with public land managers and advocacy groups, that has exponentially
increased the level of awareness and exposure among minority populations.
Emphasis is on Eco-tourism and heritage destinations as natural allies of the
environmental movement. In turn, this work is promoting greater participation
in the enjoyment, conservation and restoration of America's public lands from
communities previously unengaged in these issues.

Earthwise publishes the periodical Pickup & GO!, inviting minorities to The
Great Outdoors. One or more parks and historic sites is featured in each
issue, highlighting the benefits of aesthetic stimulation, revival of a sense
of awe in nature and heightened awareness of the elemental connection between
man and nature.