Earthwise Productions, Inc. Logo

"My parents are uncompromising visionaries and idealists, like Marjorie
Stoneman Douglas. They believe that given the right information, people can
and will change things for the better. That's why they founded Earthwise, to
give overlooked people empowering information. "

Florida State Representative Frank Peterman Jr., 2001


"They were the first Black environmentalists I ever met. I just thank God
that these people came and focused me on how the Everglades project could
improve the lives of all citizens in EBAC, and how it must include
benefits for everyone if we are to have a sustainable region. Minority and
poor communities tend to get left out, but because of Earthwise Productions
and the legislation I helped to write, we have an opportunity to set a
standard here that includes everyone."

US Congresswoman Carrie Meek, 2001


"The first time I met them, they offered to take my boys from the 500 Role
Models of Excellence down to Everglades National Park. The boys were so
thrilled! It was their first time. They enjoyed themselves and learned so
much. Earthwise sponsored the lunches and got the South Florida Water
Management District to sponsor the buses. What a great way to bring important
new information into our communities!"

Florida State Rep. Frederica Wilson, Chair, Florida Congress of Black State
Legislators, 2001


"Earthwise Productions made "environment" a household word in the Black
community. It is amazing what they have succeeded in doing in such a short

Florida State Senator Muriel "Mandy" Dawson, Chair, Broward
Legislative Delegation, 2001


"The Petermans and Earthwise Productions made environment an issue in the
Black community. This branch formed the first-ever NAACP Environmental
Justice Committee in 1997, and in 1999, the State passed a resolution that
every branch in the state should establish an EJ Committee."

William McCormick, Jr., President, Fort Lauderdale Branch NAACP.


". . . Their work has inspired the current efforts of NPCA and the National
Park Service to strive so that all citizens enjoy and understand our national
parks, and that our parks hold relevance for all our people."

Tom Kiernan, Executive Director, National Parks Conservation Association, 1998